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Shingle, shingles, shingle roofing and facades

Классическая кровельная дранка

Shingle roof

Dreaming of a beautiful and original roof for your house? Shingle will help realize this dream.


Дранка из красного канадского кедра

Shingle roof of the Red Cedar

Shingle of Canadian red cedar - ideal for any developer, has cleaner and unique beauty


Древесная щепа отличный материал для кровли

Wood chips for roofing and decorative

Non-standard devices roofing solution using wood chips.


Стильный современный фасад из дранки

Wooden facade of shingles, shingle and other materials

Giving the home personality by applying shingles and shingle on the facades.


Водостоки из дерева придают зданию законченный вид

Wooden gutters and drainage systems made ​​of wood

The optimal variant of the device durable and prestigious drainage systems.


Внутренняя экологичная отделка интерьера

The interior of wood and finish with shingles

Create a unique interior with natural materials.


Создание деревянных декораций

The décor of wood

The wooden elements and their presence in modern interiors.


Создание деревянных декораций

Wooden houses

Manufacture and sale of environmentally friendly wooden log of pine, larch and cedar.


дранка Natural and eco-friendly building and decoration materials nowadays are in high demand. This may explain the increased interest in wood shingles and shakes, which are natural in roofing materials. It is produced using the best quality timber tree species such as the Siberian larch, oak, Canadian red cedar.
In the case where the homeowners, builders and architects are interested in purchasing high-quality roofing material that satisfies the most refined taste and serves to emphasize the uniqueness of a particular architectural style, the acquisition of shingles will be the best option, which combines many advantages. The same goes for work on the facades of shingles, which will give not only the unique appearance of any structure, but also to retain the facades of buildings in the original condition for a long time.

Some advantages of shingles and shingle:

  • shingles and shingle ensure complete sealing of roofs and facades for more than a hundred years;
  • shingle and shingle are the unique types of coatings that are completely in harmony with nature;
  • have a weight of 14-18 kg per 1 sq. m;
  • undoubtedly eco-friendly materials;
  • non-waste materials required for roofing and facade work;
  • on the roofs covered with shingles no condensation and static electricity;
  • shingle and shingle are resistant to wind loads, precipitation, sudden temperature changes;

These materials can be used in all weather conditions with temperatures +40 to -70 deg C.
The above properties indicate that by opting for natural materials such as shingle and shingle, you care not only about the beauty and durability of your home, but also the health of those who will live in this house.

Facade and roof shingles

If you face the task of giving the original exterior of the house with natural and environmentally-friendly materials, the roofing shingles and front - the best solution which will get your home a unique look.
Wooden fronts and unique shingle roof - a selection of modern developers who appreciate the beauty and individuality.

Popular sizes of shingles




200 mm

60 - 100 mm

6 - 7 mm

400 mm

60 - 200 mm

9 - 10 mm

500 mm

60 - 200 mm

9 - 10 mm

600 mm

80 - 250 mm

10 - 15 mm

800 mm

80 - 250 mm

10 - 15 mm


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